“This merger to form CFA Society Australia presents a significant opportunity to strengthen and grow the investment profession in Australia by promoting the highest standards of ethics, education and professional excellence. The change will enable us to engage with employers, Government and regulators nationally, while continuing to provide member services which are tailored to each geography we serve” Michael Clancy, CFA, Chair, CFA Society Australia Board.

Message from Margaret Franklin, CFA
President and CEO of CFA Institute

Margaret Franklin

Messages from our Founding Directors

Emilio Gonzalez, CFA, Former Chair, CFA Institute Board of Governors

Mark Delaney, CFA Founding Director, CFA Society Melbourne

Jim Savage, CFA, Founding Director, CFA Society Sydney

Wendy Fergie, CFA, Founding Director, CFA Society Melbourne

David McDonald, CFA, Founding Director, CFA Society Melbourne

One Voice Stronger Impact CFAI message

Message from CFA Institute

“We believe as a unified entity, the future of CFA Society Australia will have the potential to fulfil an expanded vision for optimising efforts and outcomes for the benefit of the mission, our shared members and strategy on a national and global scale.

CFA Institute has confidence in the Australian Society’s leadership and management to create efficiencies through this merger while also continuing to collaborate effectively with its Chapters and CFA Institute staff to serve members and deliver on our shared strategy. CFA Institute will continue to deepen its engagement with Australia, giving Australia a stronger voice in the global community.”

Randi Tolber
Managing Director, Member and Society Relations, CFA Institute

At present, CFA Societies Australia serves as the national coordinating body for CFA Society Melbourne, CFA Society Sydney, and CFA Society Perth, and is the brand name used for national activities. Each of the three Societies functions independently with its distinct legal entity, governance framework, and membership operations.  

CFA Society Melbourne and CFA Society Sydney will transition to form a new legal entity as CFA Society Australia.  CFA Society Australia will assume the role of the new membership association from July 2024 onward. The local Chapters remain an important element of our structure and will continue to deliver services to members in each location.  

CFA Society Melbourne, CFA Society Perth and CFA Society Sydney will become Chapters. 

Chapters serve as the regional representatives of the CFA Society. CFA Society Australia will include Chapters in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane. Members are attached to a Chapter based on their location. 

Chapters play an essential role in fostering and linking members to their local community through tailored, in-person professional and social events that cater to specific local requirements while maintaining connections with the national community and global network. They also manage relationships and activities with other stakeholders including universities and candidates.  

An active volunteer pool is the foundation for a thriving Chapter. Each Chapter will have a Chapter committee of volunteers – in place of the current Society Boardsand other volunteer roles across different portfolios, as we do today.  

As an example, Brisbane currently operates as a Chapter within CFA Society Sydney. Members located in Brisbane are members of CFA Society Sydney, which enables them to enjoy the advantages of belonging to both the broader CFA Society Sydney and their local CFA community in Brisbane. This dual membership allows them to participate in a wide range of active social and professional networking events. The Chapter volunteers and members also engage with universities, candidates, and employers in Brisbane.


We will continue to offer services to local members via the local Chapters in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. These Chapters will continue as committees of local volunteers responsible for the delivery of events and services to members, candidates, and universities in each state.  

The new governance model will ensure strategic alignment and access to resources while enabling local nuance to reflect the needs and preferences of members. Staff support will also continue in all current locations. 

We will continue to have staff based in multiple locations and responsible for supporting local Chapter activities across Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

There will be no immediate change to the membership fee. We want to ensure your membership remains valuable.  

Rest assured, the change will not affect your membership benefits; rather, it aims to elevate your experience through enhanced programs and resources. The rebranding will be a gradual and seamless process, so when renewing your membership in July 2024, simply mark CFA Society Australia.