2021 Australian Investment Conference

13 and 14 October 2021

As investment management faces unprecedented forces for change, join us at this virtual event on October 13 and 14, to hear critical insights and perspectives from Australian and global industry leaders. From technological and business innovation, to globalisation and the wake of the pandemic, we’ll explore the issues changing the face of investment management.

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Upcoming Events

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Chat with a Investment Consultant (Fund Advisors)

Our “Chat with…” series is aimed at CFA members and candidates in the early stages of their careers.

Investment consultants have been trusted advisors to institutional investors – principally super funds, but increasingly universities, charities, foundations and insurers - for many decades. The role has of course evolved, in particular recently, due to the build-out of large specialist internal investment teams especially at the larger industry funds, but they retain an important role within the overall investments capability of most super funds.

Speaker : Claire Casucci, CFA - Consultant, Frontier

Format : Webinar

Online October 28, 2021
12:00pm - 12:45pm AEDT
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Major economies around the world are in a race to tackle climate change in line with their Net-Zero 2050 objectives. The reduction of fossil fuels and investments in clean energy solutions have produced a seismic shift in global energy markets. Join Tim Buckley and Stuart Wilson as they unpack key questions on energy transition investments.

Speaker : Tim Buckley and Stuart Wilson, CFA

Format : Webinar

Online October 26, 2021
12:00 - 1:00pm AEDT
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Understanding Digital Payments

Financial technology, and specifically payments technology, is changing the way that we transact products and services around the globe. In this discussion we will have two leading analysts debating the role for new payment technology platforms versus the role that we may see going forward for traditional banks and how that is likely to impact generations going forward and ultimately the banking sector as we know it.

Speaker : William Johnston and Brad C. Barth, MSc

Format : Webinar

Online November 4, 2021
8:00am AEDT
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ESG Series IV: Profit With Purpose

The term ‘Profit with Purpose’ has become a catch-cry for many of the largest asset owners and for some fund managers and corporates. In this event we bring together leaders in Impact Investment along with an organisation that is assisting corporates to bring more purpose beyond their profits and a company that is 'doing it'.

Speaker : Mary Delahunty, Sarah Downie, Damien Mu and Tim Macready

Format : Webinar

Online November 11, 2021
12:15pm AEDT
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Chat with Head of Marketing (Funds Management)

Marketing and communications are critical elements of every business strategy, and in the business of investments, this is no different. In this ‘Chat with…’ session you will hear from two CFA Society members who will talk about their day jobs as Co-Heads of Marketing at one of Australia’s longest-established hedge fund and specialist equities boutiques.

Speaker : Melinda Carter, CFA and Jemima Joseph, CFA

Format : Webinar

Online November 23, 2021
12:00pm AEDT
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