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Your finance journey starts here

As a student interested in a career in finance, you have a lot of exciting options ahead. CFA Institute recently published a career guide providing a year-by-year checklist to help you better design your finance journey. This blog summarises the key points from the guide. For the full guide, check it out here


3+ years away from Graduation

You are early in your university life, but it’s not too early to start exploring your potential career in finance. You could try to:

  • Work with your advisor(s) to determine your desired field(s) of study.
  • Explore various finance career paths.
  • Learn the professional skills you’ll need for your likely path, or the best general approach if you aren’t yet decided.
  • Take advantage of finance or investing clubs that can supplement your academic understanding with practical application.
  • Complete the Investment Foundation Certificate.
  • Participate in CFA Society Australia events.


2 years away from Graduation

Hopefully you’ve decided your area of academic focus. Now is the time to maximise your potential. The below could help you decide whether you should focus on securing a position immediately following graduation or attending postgraduate schools.

  • Network to cultivate potential job leads, including virtual outreach, enriching your digital presence, and connecting via local events.
  • Acquire the practical finance skills you’ll need to succeed on your finance journey.
  • Develop strong interview skills with advance preparation and company-specific research.
  • Land a great internship with leading companies and/or organisations.
  • Enrol in Level 1 of the CFA Program.
  • Participate in the CFA Research Challenge.

1 year away from Graduation

It’s time to solidify your post-graduation plans. CFA Institute and CFA Society Australia are here to support you and help you stand out from the crowd.

  • Expand your finance skillset and hone your ability to succeed in a leading finance career.
  • Decide on a full-time role or continue your learning by going on to graduate school — or do both.
  • Set yourself apart from the competition by perfecting your interview skills and improving your resume.
  • Learn about the latest industry trends, from new technology to sustainability.
  • Enrol in the Certificate in ESG Investing


Post Graduate

If your goal is to transit into the workface, your priority is securing the right position for you. The key is to continue improving your practical skills.

  • Set yourself apart from the competition by honing your resume, fine-tuning your interview skills, and undertaking advanced coursework.
  • Decide to move into a full-time role with a leading institution, continue your finance learning, or both.
  • Stay current with the latest industry trends, from sustainable investing to navigating the future state of the investment industry.
  • Build your network by cultivating virtual connections, establishing your digital profile, and connecting via professional events.


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