CFA Society facilitates candidates to join study groups in advance of each exam. If you are interested in joining a study group, please join our LinkedIn group ‘CFA Society Melbourne – Candidates’ and also send an email to

PILOT PROGRAM: CFA Society Melbourne Level I June Exam 2020 study group meetup:

  • Maintain accountability for your success
  • Understand how you’re tracking
  • Personalise your study to stay on schedule
  • Pass the June exam!

Commencing Tuesday February 25, CFA Society Melbourne is thrilled to run a regular Level I CFA Program study group meetup. The weekly session, hosted by CFA Society Melbourne, will run on Tuesday nights from 6-7pm: register to come along each week to collaborate with exam peers, see how you’re tracking in your lead-up to the exam, find out what you don’t know and study in an active learning environment.

Each session will focus on a different area of study for Level I Candidates and will help you achieve your goals of success in the June 2020 Level I Exam.

These sessions are only a small investment of your time but they will help you gain validation of how well you are tracking as you lead up to the big day: people who pass the exam on their first attempt have said this insight was a game-changer in how they prepared for the exam. Exam preparation is a massive commitment – let us help you find ways to accelerate your learning.

We hope to see you there!

For any enquiries, please contact


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