Putting artificial intelligence to work
Using machine learning to perform corporate valuation

Luncheon presentation, 25 February

Corporate valuation is part art, part science, and a lot of hard work.  Why not let the machines do the work instead?  Paul Geertsema will discuss new research that shows how machine learning systems can perform corporate valuation at a level of accuracy comparable to humans.

  • Machine learning technology can improve businss decision making today
  • Humans can learn from experience, and now machines can too
  • Getting the best results requires a blend of machine learning wizardry and a solid understanding of business

Event details

Date/time: Tuesday 25 February, 12-1.30pm, light lunch provided on arrival
Venue: Northern Club, 19 Princes Street, Auckland
Cost: Members $35 incl GST
Register: online
CE credit = one hour
Contact: Kylee;  info@cfasociety.org.nz or phone 022-0847-964

About the speaker
Dr Paul Geertsema, Lecturer, Department of Accounting and Finance, University of Auckland

Dr Paul Geertsema is a finance academic and consultant in the areas of finance, data science and machine learning. His research interests include empirical asset pricing, return predictability and the application of machine learning to finance problems. He is currently teaching “Modern Investment Theory and Management” (final-year undergraduate) and “Financial Machine Learning” (post-graduate) at the University of Auckland. Prior to his return to academia he worked at Barclays Capital as a derivatives trader in Hong Kong and as a sell-side research analyst in London. Before that he held positions at Credit Suisse, Citi and Audit New Zealand. His academic background includes a Bachelor of Accounting from Stellenbosch University, a B.Sc. Computer Science from the University of Auckland, an MBA from London Business School, a Master of Management (Economics) from Massey University and a PhD in Finance from the University of Auckland. He is a full member of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand.