Diversity Council Charter

To raise awareness around the significant issue of diversity disparity and to effect positive change and achieve outcomes that lead to industry and community transformation around this issue.

While CFA supports the principles of a fully diversified society and respects all forms of diversity in that society, its advocacy efforts will focus on areas of diversity where CFA is most relevant and has the capabilities to achieve our objectives and make a visible and meaningful impact.

As such, our initial focus will be on Gender equality.

As stewards of community wealth, our goal in this respect is to achieve an initial 30 per cent gender balance target across industry by 2027 to better reflect the gender composition of the community we represent. Ultimately, we aspire to see an industry that fully reflects the makeup of the community, that is 50 per cent gender balance.

We will continue to monitor other issues of diversity in our community and will participate in the discussion and provide solutions to the issues where we feel we can make a meaningful contribution as they arise.


  • Define the benchmark for equality in diversity in those areas of focus
  • Increase knowledge of diversity disparity and diversity-related issues in the financial services industry and their ultimate impact on investors
  • Increase female participation in the asset management industry
  • Increase female candidacy, and CFA Institute (CFAI) and relevant CFA Society membership
  • Increase engagement and retention of female CFA members in relevant CFA Society member events and community
  • Identify and partner with like-minded peers to gather support and build momentum around our mandate
  • Create collateral and dialogue ie thought leadership, to support our mandate
  • Identify and establish points of engagement with target stakeholders

Key Performance Indicators

The KPIs for CFA Societies Australia National Diversity Committee are:

  • Growth from year to year in female candidates at each CFA Charter exam level
  • Increase percentage of female candidates passing Level 3 exams who then join as relevant CFA Society members
  • Increase in female CFA Society membership engagement and retention rate
  • Growth in per visit or contact value with employers on identified areas of focus
  • Growth in per mentions value in media or social media in relation to identified areas of focus
  • Growth in CFAI and CFA Society Net Promoter Score (NPS) in relation to advocacy initiatives
  • Growth in website and social media engagement specifically in relation to Committee initiatives

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