CFA Institute Advocacy Mandate

To serve the greater good by creating an environment where investor and community rights come first, markets function at their best and economies grow

CFA Societies Australia & New Zealand Advocacy Council Charter


To advocate for the highest standards of competency, compliance, ethical behaviour and market integrity on behalf of beneficiaries of financial services in Australia and New Zealand


The Council will:

  • Identify challenges and opportunities within our industry that impact beneficiary outcomes
  • Draw on the collective knowledge, expertise and experience of its members to lead discussion and propose solutions
  • Partner with industry peers and engage stakeholders to bring about positive change for the benefit of the community


We want the future reputation of our industry to be:

  • Regarded by members of the community as highly competent and deserving guardians of their money and as trusted champions of their rights and welfare
  • Acknowledged by regulators as an industry whose culture instinctively is largely self-governing and serves only the best interests of the community – ethically, technically and legally
  • Respected by our peers globally as a centre of excellence in the provision of world-class financial services practice and talent

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