Many CFA Program candidates contact us asking why they don't receive any information from CFA Society of Sydney (CFAS) about events, resources, Schweser study materials, practice exams and many other things. 

Update Your CFA Institute Profile

The most likely cause is that, when registering to become a CFA candidate, you elected to withhold personal information. There is a check box when registering that asks candidates whether they wish to receive materials and information from external parties (such as prep course providers). This also includes CFAS so, if you indicated you did not want to be contacted, we will not be able to email you. You can adjust your personal profile via the CFA Institute website to enable CFAS to send you information. Please click here to do this.

Move Your Membership to CFAS

The second possible cause is that you may have been linked to a local society other than CFAS. This can happen if you registered with an overseas address or an address in Melbourne in which case you will be linked to CFA Society Melbourne (CFAM). You can update your address by clicking here. If you still do not receive our emails, please contact CFA Institute and confirm that CFAS is registered as your local society. Once CFA Institute releases your details to us, we will add you to our mailing list and you will start to receive regular communications about local events for candidates from CFAS.

Alternatively, LIKE us on Facebook

We regularly post CFAS updates and events on our Facebook page to ensure that anyone who is interested remains informed. Follow or like us on Facebook to receive notifications through your news feed!

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