CFA Institute runs a number of scholarship programs through member societies and universities. The CFA Society Sydney participates in the CFA Institute Access Scholarship program.

The Access Scholarship program is a needs-based scholarship opportunity for those unable to afford the full price of the CFA Program enrolment and registration fees. More information about the CFA Institute Access Scholarship program is available via the link below.

CFA Institute Access Scholarship.

Full eligibility criteria for the Access Scholarships is contained in the Official Rules (particularly, Rule 4) and should be reviewed before applying.The Official Rules can be accessed via the link below.

Access Scholarships Official Rules.

The timeline for Access Scholarships is shown in the table below. Please note that applications are made through the CFA Institute website (which can be accessed here) and must be completed by 15 September 2017 for both June 2018 and December 2018 exams.


Scholarship Timeline for June and December 2018 Exams

Date Activity
15 September 2017 Application deadline for candidates
1 Sept - 31 Oct 2017 Societies confirm final selections
1 December 2017 CFA Institute sends notification to all applicants. Notification includes next registration steps for recipients, which can be used for the June or December 2018 exams.
Mid-March 2018 Final Registration deadline for the June 2018 exam

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