CFA Society Sydney (CFAS) holds a Practice Exam for candidates of all levels of the CFA Program two weeks before the actual exam (for December 2016 candidates, the Practice Exam will be held on 19 November 2016). The Practice Exam is held under full exam conditions and is proctored by a CFA Charterholder and CFAS members. Read more about our Practice Exams in our Practice Exam Brochure.

Practice Exam Brochure


The exam we use is the renowned practice exam developed each year by the Boston Society of Security Analysts (BSAS). BSAS has a long history of developing challenging and relevant practice exams for CFA candidates. BSAS works with a qualified team of over 25 question writers to produce an exam that is focussed on the most recent Body of Knowledge and Learning Outcome Statements. The BSAS exams are full-length (morning and afternoon sessions) and are properly formatted to reflect contemporary testing methods.

Our candidates have found the BSAS practice exams useful and valuable study tools for preparing for the CFA exams. BSAS provides detailed answers to their practice exams accompanied by curriculum references, explanations and calculations (when appropriate).

Undertaking a practice exam two weeks prior to the actual test is a great way to determine your level of preparation and identify areas for last-minute study.


Registrations and orders for the practice exams open in October for the December 2016 Level I exam. The cost of the practice exam is $90 and you can register for the exam through the link to the CFAS store below from October 2016.

Register through the CFAS Online Store


Our practice exams are held at the University of Technology Sydney (Broadway Campus)*.

* Exam venue can change from year to year. Candidates will be advised of the actual venue when they register for the practice exam.

Home Delivery Option

Please note that you can order your BSAS practice exam to be delivered by registered post, if you are unable to attend our venue on the day.