Why Join?

Becoming a member of CFA Society Sydney is a great way to get practical benefits from your CFA designation or CFA studies.  At CFAS, we work hard to provide members with a wide range of useful services. 

Some of the key benefits provided by CFAS include:

  • Networking Opportunities:  We host a wide range of events, both formal and informal, each year to enable you to interact and share ideas with other investment professionals.  These are displayed monthly on the home page of our website and advertised by our emailed Brief Xchange.

  • Professional Development: We stage educational seminarspresented by high profile local and international speakers to keep you up to date with the latest investment thinking.  Special events featuring high profile speakers are restricted to members only.  Through our affiliation with CFA Institute we are able to source internationally renowned speakers not readily available.  These are displayed monthly on the home page of our website and Members are invited by our Brief Xchange emailed invitation.

  • Workshops:  These events are smaller group sessions which focus on a particular topic and are structured to be more interactive and practical.  Examples of the topics include equity sector analysis, quantitative techniques, and professional skills such as networking.  These are displayed monthly on the home page of our website and Members are invited by our Brief Xchange email invitation.

  • Social events:  These events are a great opportunity to network with industry colleagues on an informal basis.  Examples include golf days, wine and cheese tastings, and trivia nights.

  • Charter Ceremony:  At this event we formally recognise those candidates who have passed Level 3 of the CFA Program during the year plus award the new Charterholders with the CFA Charter.

  • Candidate education:  We provide many services to assist candidates in their preparation for the CFA exams such as Review Courses, study notes, study courses, practice exams and post exam drinks.  View the candidate education menu for further information.

  • Jobline:  This is a facility by which members can post and apply for positions seeking CFA qualified professionals.  View the Jobline by the link from the home page.

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For further information, please contact us at the following email address:
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