Program for 2015:

  1. Mar 12th Brisbane Townhall Social
  2. May 18th Lunch “Macro investing: The Life of an Investment Idea” (Daniel Sheard, GAM)
  3. June 6th Post-exam drinks in Olympic Park with CFA Society of Sydney
  4. June 10th Glenn Stevens Lunch- promoting CFA to universities and industry professionals
  5. June 18th Lunch “European Credit Markets: How to make sense of the structural changes”. (Tom Newberry, CVC Credit)
  6. June 25th Quarterly Social Drinks
  7. July 13th Lunch “Global Asset Allocation” (Doug Peta, BCA Chief Strategist)
  8. Sept 1st Lunch “Macro Diversification: Investing in an Increasingly Turbulent and Integrated World”
  9. Oct 15th Quarterly Social Drinks: Asset Cage Match – Stocks vs. Bonds vs. Real Estate
  10. Nov 19th Brisbane Chapter Charterholder Presentation
  11. Nov 24th Research Challenge Appreciation Lunch


Brisbane 2014 Program

Brisbane 2013 Program