CFAS has grown rapidly from its beginnings in 1996 and currently has a membership of over 1700 members (as at September 2017), of whom 95% hold the Chartered Financial Analyst designation.

CFA Society Sydney is a member society of CFA Institute. CFAS is a member-focused organisation, run by a group of dedicated volunteers elected by the members.

Our society is an association of local investment professionals engaged in a wide variety of roles including corporate finance, portfolio management, security analysis and investment advice.  We aim to promote the highest ethical and professional standards within the investment industry; we encourage professional development through the CFA program and continuing education; we facilitate the exchange of information and ideas within our local investment community and beyond and we work to further the recognition of the CFA designation and what it stands for.   As one of CFA Institute member societies, we also connect our members with a global network of investment professionals.


What does CFAS bring to the Sydney Investment Community?

NETWORKING: CFAS provides a forum for CFA charterholders and candidates to network with other investment professionals.

INTERNATIONALISM: CFAS provides a link to a global network of investment practitioners, many of whom are leaders in their field.  We seek to bring leading speakers, both practitioners and academics, to Australia and to promote the appearance of Australian investment professionals at events throughout the world.

COMMUNICATION: CFAS acts as a focal point for enquiries regarding the CFA qualification and other important issues associated with CFA Institute eg CFA Institute Performance Presentation Standards and Analyst Independence Standards.

EDUCATION: CFAS encourages continuing education by holding a variety of educational seminars throughout the year.  CFAS also provides a high level of ongoing support to CFA candidates, through the scholarship program, CFA review course and the CFA Practice exam.  

PROFESSIONALISM:  A key goal of the CFAS is to promote a high degree of professionalism among its members and the investment community in general.

ETHICS: CFAS promotes a high level of professional conduct.  Adherence to the CFA Institute Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct is a mandatory requirement for both CFA Institute and CFAS members.