How do I become a member of CFA Society Sydney?

In order to become a Regular or Affiliate member of the CFA Society Sydney you must first become a member of the CFA Institute. When you apply for membership of the CFA Institute you are able to elect a local society membership option. The advantages of choosing a local society membership are many, from access to educational seminars and networking events to the opportunity to participate in local initiatives and to take advantage of exclusive member offers. Please click here for a full list of member benefits.

Affiliate Membership Requirements – CFA Society Sydney

Affiliate membership of the CFA Society Sydney is available to all CFA Program candidates who have passed Level I of the CFA Program and have joined the CFA Institute as an Affiliate member. Prerequisites for membership are:

Applications for Affiliate membership of the CFA Society Sydney can be made online through the CFA Institute website .

Regular Membership or Affiliate Membership?

Affiliate membership is a pathway to Regular membership for those who have passed Level I of the CFA Program yet do not have the necessary acceptable professional work experience to qualify for Regular membership. The distinguishing features of Regular membership over Affiliate membership of the CFA Society Sydney are:

  • Regular members require a minimum of 4 years of acceptable professional work experience whereas Affiliate members do not require any
  • Regular members have voting rights in the CFA Society Sydney whereas Affiliate members do not

There is no difference in the membership dues of Regular and Affiliate members.

What is the difference between Regular and Affiliate membership?

Only Regular members can vote in CFAS elections and sponsor new applicants. All other services and benefits provided by CFAS apply equally to both Regular and Affiliate members.

I am an Affiliate member and I’ve now obtained sufficient work experience to become a Regular member. How do I upgrade my membership?

Please note your membership is not automatically upgraded. You need to notify CFA Institute of your updated work experience. If CFA Institute already has details of your experience on file (eg you are still in the same job as when you originally applied for membership), you can simply email Candidate and Member services This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your updated information or upgrade through your account with CFA Institute.