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Review course now being offered for June 2017 exam.

CFA Society Sydney (CFAS) has a long history of providing review courses for candidates of the CFA® Program. The aim of these courses is to provide candidates with the opportunity to be tutored by local practitioners in each topic area. Consistent with the CFA Institute® mission of promoting the highest standards of ethics, education, and professional excellence, our courses are designed for candidates who wish to achieve a high standard of excellence in the CFA Program.

Our Level III Review Course follow a structured week-by-week schedule that culminates with the CFA Society Boston Practice Exam which we hold under full exam conditions two weeks before the actual exam.  This practice exam is prepared by a highly qualified team and has proven to be an excellent way to prepare for the CFA exams. To enrol for our Level III Review Course, please use the link to our store below. 

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Please note that our review course is intended as a supplement to your private study, not a replacement. CFA Institute does not endorse, promote, or warrant the accuracy or quality of the products or services offered by CFA Society Sydney's review courses. CFA Institute®, CFA® and Candidate Body of KnowledgeTM are trademarks owned by CFA Institute. 


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Our Level III review course consists of 15 individual study sessions covering the 12 topic areas of the CFA Institute Candidate Body of Knowledge:

  1. Behavioural Finance
  2. Individual Investors
  3. Institutional Investors
  4. Capital Market Expectations
  5. Asset Allocation
  6. Fixed Income Portfolio Management
  7. Equity Portfolio Management
  8. Alternative Investments
  9. Risk Management
  10. Risk Management and Derivatives
  11. Portfolio: Execution, Evaluation and Attribution
  12. GIPS

and additional sessions focussed on getting you ready for Exam Day:

  1. Exam Tips & Strategy
  2. Practice Exam
  3. BSA Practice Exam

Study sessions are held weekly in Sydney’s CBD over the 4 months leading up to the June exam. Sessions are either 2.5 or 3 hours in length, depending on the topic (refer Schedule in the brochure). The time committed to each study session reflects its weighting in the Level III curriculum and its complexity.

Our study sessions adopt an interactive ‘workshop’ approach with a mix of content, practice questions and worked examples to help candidates master the key concepts of the course. In general, half of each session will be a presentation of key concepts and half will be dedicated to a tutorial-style question and answer session.

Our presenters are all CFA Charterholders with extensive Australian experience. They will provide candidates with a local insight into the subjects in the Candidate Body of Knowledge. As a worldwide program, the CFA Program is focused on the dominant markets of Europe and North America. An Australian perspective is important to ensure your studies have practical relevance in the local market. 

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The dates for the 2017 Level III Review Course are as follows:

  Venue: Macquarie, 50 Martin Place, Sydney

Topic Study Session Date Time
Ethics 1 & 2 1 Feb 6.30 pm
Behavioural Finance 3 6  Feb 5.45 pm – 9 pm
Individual Investors 4 13 Feb 5.45 pm – 8.30 pm
Individual Investors 5 20 Feb 5.45 pm – 8.30 pm
Institutional Investors 6 27 Feb 5.45 pm – 9 pm
Capital Market Expectations 7 6 Mar 5.45 pm – 9 pm
Asset Allocation 8 & 9 13 Mar 5.45 pm – 9 pm
Equity Portfolio Management 12 20 Mar 5.45 pm – 9 pm
Portfolio: Execution, Evaluation and Attribution 16 & 17 27 Mar 5.45 pm – 8.30 pm
Alternative Investments 13 3 Apr 5.45 pm – 9 pm
Risk Management 14 10 Apr 5.45 pm – 8.30 pm
Risk Management and Derivatives 15 Tues 18 Apr 5.45 pm – 8.30 pm
Fixed Income Portfolio Management 10 & 11 24 Apr 5.45 pm – 9 pm
GIPS 18 1 May 5.45 pm – 8.30 pm
Exam Tips & Strategy 8 May 5.45 pm – 8.30 pm
Practice Exam 15 May 5.45 pm-8.30 pm
BSA Practice Exam 20 May 9 am – 4 pm
CFA Exam 3 June (Saturday)
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Study sessions for the 2017 Review Course will be held in the Sydney CBD. The location for the:

  • CFA Review Course is Macquarie Group, 50 Martin Place, Sydney
  • BSAS Practice Exam will be confirmed closer to the practice exam date


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The textbook for our review course is the SchweserNotes™. All candidates are required to have access to a copy of the SchweserNotes™ which can be purchased at reduced rates from Kaplan.  Use the code CFA15OFF to receive the discount.

Materials will be provided for each study session. Candidates will receive a full set of slides as well as access to a set of questions for problems that will be completed during the session. 

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The key benefits of participating in our CFAS Review Courses are:

  1. Instruction from local practitioners in the finance and investment management industry
  2. Comprehensive coverage of all topics
  3. Face-to-face learning complements the distance education structure of the CFA Program
  4. Focuses on complex topic areas that candidates generally have problems with
  5. Structured study program over 16 weeks helps keep your learning on track
  6. Provides a forum for you to discuss topics and get your questions answered
  7. Facilitates networking opportunities with other candidates and presenters
  8. Provides additional study materials
  9. Time-efficient format which assists you to study when you otherwise wouldn’t
  10. BSAS practice exam included to finalise your preparation 


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We are now taking enrolments in our June 2017 Level III Review Course. The cost of the course is $1350 and will include the cost of the BSAS practice exam. Numbers are limited so we encourage early enrolment.

Early Bird Enrolment

We will be offering an Early Bird rate of $950, which includes the cost of the BSAS practice exam. Early bird enrolments are strictly limited and this discount expires on Friday, 23 December 2016. Thereafter, the rate reverts to $1350 so book early!!

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Other Information

Please note that our review course is intended as a supplement to your private study, not a replacement.

Refund Policy
Refunds are allowed up until two weeks before the beginning of the first class.

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