Becoming a CFA Charterholder

For the complete requirements, please refer to the CFA Institute website on Membership.

Becoming a Regular Member

An individual must be approved for regular membership in CFA Institute and shall fulfill such other requirements as the Society may impose consistent with the requirements established by CFA Institute.

To apply for membership, please visit the CFA Institute website. If you have questions regarding CFA Society Sydney membership, you may contact the society for further information.

Becoming an Affiliate Member

Each applicant seeking to become an affiliate member of the Society shall:

  1. Sign and submit a CFA Institute Member's Agreement, a CFA Institute Professional Conduct Statement, and any additional documentation requested by CFA Institute;
  2. Hold a bachelor's degree from an accredited academic institution or have equivalent education;
  3. Have passed Level I CFA Exam;
  4. Fulfill such other requirements as the Society may impose consistent with requirements established by CFA Institute;
  5. Be accepted by CFA Institute as an affiliate Member.

Membership in CFA Institute

Each regular member of the Society is also a regular member of CFA Institute. Each affiliate member of the Society is also an affiliate member of CFA Institute.

Maintaining Membership Status

To continue being a member, each such individual shall:

  1. Adhere to all applicable rules and regulations, including the Society Bylaws, the CFA Institute Articles & Bylaws, the Code & Standards, and other rules relating to professional conduct;
  2. Annually file a Professional Conduct Statement, unless excused as a recognized "Retired" Member (see below);
  3. Pay membership dues.

Retired Members

To qualify to become a "Retired" Member of the Society, each such individual shall:

  1. At the time of application for retired status, be a member of the Society;
  2. Have been a member of CFA Institute for five years;
  3. No longer be substantially engaged in the Investment Decision-Making Process for compensation;
  4. Agree to the following:
    • To notify CFA Institute if retirement status changes; and
    • To waive the right to be guaranteed a transfer of membership to another society.

Review of Applications for Membership

The Board shall have the right to review all applications for membership in the Society. In the event of disagreement concerning administration of regular membership requirements, the Society shall have the right to appeal to the CFA Institute Board of Governors. The Board of Governors, or a designated committee thereof, shall have the authority to make final determinations on the application of regular membership provisions.