How do I become a member of CFA Society Sydney?

In order to become a Regular or Affiliate member of the CFA Society Sydney you must first become a member of the CFA Institute. When you want to apply for membership of the CFA Institute you are able to elect a local society membership option. The advantages of choosing a local society membership are many, from access to educational seminars and networking events to the opportunity to participate in local initiatives and to take advantage of exclusive member offers.

How do I become a member of CFA Institute?

CFA Institute membership information is located on the CFA Institute website.

I am a member of the CFA Institute, does that mean that I'm automatically a member of the CFA Society Sydney as well?

Local society membership is not obligatory. Many Institute members recognise the value of an active local presence to promote the profession, provide locally oriented educational content, and deliver networking and social opportunities.

What is the difference between CFA Society Sydney and CFA Institute?

CFA Institute is the global membership organisation responsible for administering the CFA Program and awarding the Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA®) charter, the global investment industry's most challenging and most widely respected graduate-level investment credential.

The CFA Society Sydney advances the objectives of the CFA Institute and its member cohort at a local level through member and candidate support and community outreach. Services provided by the CFA Society Sydney are funded in part by the CFA Institute, partly through member subscriptions, and through the Society's own fundraising ventures.

How do I update my contact details?

The CFA Society Sydney contacts its members and CFA Program candidates using information held in the CFA Institute database. If your contact details have changed, please go to the CFA Institute website, log in and update your details.

How to I add my name to the CFA Society of Sydney mailing list(s)?

Please click here for further information on CFA Society of Sydney mailing list options.

Does CFAS have retired member status?

Yes. To become a retired member, you need to:

  1. Have been a regular or affiliate member of CFA Institute for at least 5 years;
  2. Be no longer substantially engaged in professional practice of financial analysis, investment management, securities analysis or similar profession for compensation; and
  3. Complete an application and submit this to CFA Institute.

Retired members have access to all the benefits and services of CFAS and are charged the same annual dues as Regular and Affiliate members.