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CFA Program

How do I find more information on the CFA program?

Visit the CFA Institute website or email them on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Alternatively you can phone the Hong Kong office on this toll free number 0011 800 8228 8820. CFA Society Sydney does not administer the program and information can only be provided by CFA Institute.

What if I have specific questions about the CFA Program?

Visit the CFA Institute website for more information. If you can't find what you are looking for please email CFA Institute directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Does CFAS sell the CFA textbooks?

No, these are available via CFA Institute.

Where can I find a calculator and how do I get technical support for the calculator?

CFAS understands that prescribed calculators can be purchased through some OfficeWorks.

How long will it take to process my program enrollment and exam registration application?

Program enrollment and exam registration applications are processed within 48 hours, and you will be notified of your status via e-mail.

How will I know the exact location of my test center?

The exact location of your test centre will be listed on your exam admission ticket.

If I pass the Level I exam in December, can I register for the Level II exam held the following June?

Yes, candidates who pass Level I in December can register for the Level II exam held the following June. Candidates should consider whether they will have enough study time to prepare for Level II, given the approximately four-month period remaining until the June exam administration.

Why are only two calculator models allowed for use during the exam?

Many calculators have text-storing capabilities which could create an unfair advantage and compromise the integrity of the exam. It is a standard practice of many professional testing organizations to provide a short list of permissible models. In the current policy, the HP model is available for candidates who prefer Postfix notation entry, and the TI model is available for those who prefer algebraic notation entry.


Membership FAQ

How do I become a member of CFA Society Sydney?

In order to become a regular or affiliate member of CFAS you must first become a member of CFA Institute. When you apply to join CFA Institute select your local society. You must also complete the sponsorship requirements. Learn more about sponsorship requirements here.

How do I become a member of CFA Institute?

Please visit the CFA Institute website for more information

I am a member of CFA Insitute, does that mean I’m automatically a member of CFAS as well?

No. You are invited to apply for membership of CFAS. However, your membership of CFAS is considered separately.

General Queries

What is the difference between CFA Society Sydney and CFA Institute?

CFA Institute is a global membership organisation that awards the Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA) designation. CFA Institute provides information on:

  • CFA Program enrolment & fees
  • CFA Program Frequently Asked Questions
  • CFA Textbook sales
  • CFA Institute Membership
  • CFA Examination registrations & venues

CFA Society Sydney (CFAS) is a Sydney based member society of CFA Institute and provides for candidates:

  • Schweser Study materials : an easy way to order the most requested study materials produced by Schweser.
  • Practice Exam : an opportunity to simulate the exam conditions prior to the actual exam.
  • Review Courses : face-to-face review courses to assist with preparation for the CFA exams.

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CFA Society Sydney provides several services for members including educational seminars, industry representation, social and networking opportunities and career support. 

I used to receive emails from CFAS, but my email address has changed and I’m no longer getting them. How do I update my contact details?

CFAS contacts its members and CFA candidates using information held in the CFA Institute database. If your email address has changed, please go to the CFA Institute website, log in and update your details.

I have never received emails from CFAS but would like to. How to I add my name to this mailing list?

Due to privacy laws, candidates need to advise CFA Institute they wish to receive information from their local society. Please visit our webpage Join our Mailing List for assistance.


Schweser Study Aids

How do I order Schweser Study Aids?

Orders can be placed directly with Kaplan, please follow this link.  For a special discount, please use this code: CFA15OFF.